Sunday , August 19 2018
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The Start of a Game Changer – Wearable Tech

First impressions on Samsung Gear … WOW … This is going to be huge, at least wearable technology, that is! Version 1.0 is pretty awkward and probably not realistic usable, it is the Apple Newton Message Pad 100 of wearable technology – but I can see where this is going …

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Wearable Technology

At this year’s event a noticeable number of stands were focused on smart watches. A decade ago the idea that a watch could do anything more than keep time would have appeared like science fiction, but advances in technology have opened up a whole new world of possibility. Sports Watches …

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Wearable Technology and Devices Gain Ground in Home Healthcare

Patients and healthcare providers across the globe have come to the realization that depending solely on hospital systems will no longer be a viable option. Industry experts are of the opinion that ongoing advances in home healthcare devices and services will help alleviate the current pressure on the global healthcare …

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Prospects of Wearable Technology

Ever wondered that our mobile phones may turn into earrings which serve the purpose of a phone receiver and a neck piece used as a speaker? Technology; a highly dynamic field is changing as we read this. The recent trend in technology is seen in the in gadgets which can …

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How Wearable Technology Can Improve Our Health And Daily Activities

What is Wearable Technology: As defined By Vangie Beal: Wearable technology (also called wearable gadgets) is a category of technology devices that can be worn by a consumer and often include tracking information related to health and fitness. Other wearable tech gadgets include devices that have small motion sensors to …

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